Outdoor TriTech Detector

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SKU: #129176
  • Bosch OD850-F1 Outdoor TriTech Detector
  • Bosch OD850-F1 Outdoor TriTech Detector is ideally suited for outdoor use. This detector combines passive-infrared (PIR) and microwave detection with advanced signal processing to provide round-the-clock surveillance. The detectors process PIR signals with Motion Analyzer II signal processing and microwave signals with Linear Travel Distance (LTD) signal processing. This unit can distinguish between small and repetitive movements such as tree branch swaying and the more purposeful movement of an intruder.
  • Motion Analyzer II PIR signal processing
  • Linear Travel Distance microwave signal processing
  • Two user-selectable sensitivity levels
  • Timed relay output adjustable from 2 sec to 10 min
  • User-selectable AND/OR and Day/Night Modes
  • Draft and insect immunity


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