Bosch Professional Series TriTech+Detector

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SKU: #629068
  • 18 m x 25 m (60 ft x 80 ft) coverage, field selectable to 8 m x 10 m (25 ft x 33 ft)
  • EN50131-2-4 Grade 2 compliant
  • Sensor data fusion technology
  • Tri-focus optics technology
  • Wall Mountable
  • PIR/Microwave
  • Enviroment Conditions: harsh
  • Security Risk Level: Medium
  • Small Animal Immunity to 4.5kg
  • Mounting Height: 2.1 to 3m (7 to 10 ft.)
  • Mounting Bracket Options: B338
  • The ISC-PDL1-W18x Professional Series TriTech+ Detectors are exceptionally suited for commercial indoor applications. Sensor data fusion technology ensures that the detectors send alarm conditions based on precise information. Tri-focus optics eliminate coverage gaps and respond efficiently to intruders.
  • Functions
  • Sensor Data Fusion Technology
  • Sensor data fusion technology is a unique feature that uses
  • a sophisticated software algorithm to gather signals from
  • five sensors: two pyroelectric sensors, range adaptive
  • radar, a room temperature sensor, and a white light level
  • sensor. The microcontroller analyzes and compares the
  • sensor data to make the most intelligent alarm decisions in
  • the security industry.
  • Tri-focus Optics Technology
  • Tri-focus optics technology uses optics with three specific
  • focal lengths: long-range coverage, middle-range coverage,
  • and short-range coverage. The detector applies the three
  • focal lengths to 86 detection zones, which combine to make
  • 11 solid curtains of detection. Tri-focus optics technology
  • also includes two pyroelectric sensors, which deliver twice
  • the standard optical gain. The sensors process multiple
  • signals to deliver precise performance virtually free of false
  • alarms.
  • Range Adaptive Radar
  • The microwave transceiver automatically adjusts its
  • detection thresholds based on input from the PIR sensors.
  • Integrating the target audience distance information from
  • the PIR significantly reduces false alarms from the
  • microwave Doppler radar.
  • Microwave Anti-mask
  • The detector sends a supervisiontrouble signal if
  • microwave reflective material is placed within 30.5 cm (1 ft)
  • of the detector.
  • Supervised Microwave and PIR
  • The detector provides single technology coverage if the
  • microwave subsystem fails.
  • Innovations
  • Most reliable alarm decisions with Sensor Data Fusion
  • Only Bosch balances and adjusts sensitivities of up to 5 internal sensors and fuses the data to make the world’s most intelligent alarm decisions.
  • Active White Light Suppression
  • Only Bosch eliminates false alarms due to white light such as car headlights.
  • All ranges covered with TriFocus Optics
  • Only Bosch provides consistent coverage across entire coverage area, even when height is changed. No lens adjustment required.


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