Bosch DS720I Long Range Tritech PIR Motion Dedector

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SKU: #340663
  • Bosch DS720I Long Range TriTech PIR Detector
  • Bosch DS720I Long Range TriTech PIR Detector covers up to 91m and provides seamless safety and security. This detector features motion monitor and anti-masking protection. The field replaceable mirrored optics and three different coverage patterns provide installation flexibility.
  • Form C reed relay rated at 3.0 W, 125 mA at 28 VDC for resistive loads
  • 4.7 ?, 0.5 W resistor in the common C leg
  • Ceiling mount or 4" octagonal electrical box
  • 32 mA nominal at 12 VDC; up to 60 mA during walk test, stored alarm, or trouble conditions
  • 9 VDC to 15 VDC Voltage
  • 4.6 m (15 ft) maximum height
  • No alarm or setup on frequencies in the range 26 MHz-950 MHz at 50 V/m.
  • -20°F to +120°F(-29°C to +49°C) operating temperature
  • High impact ABS plastic enclosure
  • 8" x 7.5" x 5"
  • Parts included:
  • o B334 Swivel Mount Bracket
  • o Standard Broad Coverage Mirror, labelled OA90
  • o Long Range Coverage Mirror, labelled OA300


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