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Deluxe FobKit

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SKU: #287474
  • This Bosch fob kit is a wireless remote kit to allow remote arming and disarming.
  •  RF Receiver
  • - The Bosch RF3212E allows Bosch I/P bus control panels to receive RF signals from wireless devices. The wireless devices save time for busy installers and homeowners and the receivers are a valuable option for system users who want additional security without disruptive installations. Tamper, jam detection, and sensor missing status reports confirm that the system is working properly.
  •  Remote Keyfob
  • - RADION keyfob allows you to arm or disarm the security system, or send a panic alarm. Programmed with a unique code, each model works exclusively with your compatible security system. On the four-button version, two option buttons are user-defined to perform additional functions.
  •  Suits
  • - Solution Ultima Range
  • - Solution 16i/16+/64/144/6000


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