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Keypad External Stainless (RS485)

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SKU: #897254
  • The Vandal and Weather Resistant Code Pads provide alarm of access control functionality when used with the Solution 144 control panel. Constructed from satin chrome plated zinc die cast, the CP150 and CP151 code pads provide a high level of vandal resistance and are also weather resistant to ip67, making them ideal for external installations.
  • - They include red and green indicators which are used to show area or door lock status, and the 12 buttons with blue backlighting make the code pad easy to operate in all lighting conditions.
  • - The CP150 and CP151 include an egress input and an overload protected lock output which can be used to provide a low cost door control solution. These can be disabled via software control if not being used. The unit connects to the alarm control panel via an encrypted RS485 LAN which also includes anti-replay and anti substitution technology for even higher security.
  • - Selected control panels provide support for up to 16 code pads per installation and various options for each can be configured via panel programming.
  •   Features
  • - Stylish vandal resistant metal construction with weather resistance to IP67, therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • - Blue LED key backlighting
  • - LAN monitored for anti-replay and anti substitution; encrypted LAN communication with a panel
  • - Programmable egress input and lock output
  • - Indicators show alarm or door status; operates alarm system, door lock or both


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