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CM751B IP Ethernet Module for Solution 144 & 6000

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SKU: #759646
  • The CM751B Solution Conettix IP Ethernet Module allows you to connect the Solution 6000 control panel to the customer’s existing IP network. Using only a narrow network bandwidth, IP transmission overcomes the limitations of the digital PSTN dialler approach and enables supervised alarm signal transmission with virtually no additional communication costs. This makes IP the perfect solution for reducing costs and ensuring more reliable communication at the same time.
  •  Features
  • - High security (128bit encryption) replacement for PSTN line
  • - Remote upload/download over IP and alarm reporting over LAN/WAN
  • - Operate outputs and areas remotely
  • -  Dynamic and fixed IP address support
  • - Conettix and CSV-IP reporting formats
  • - The CM751B module allows you to connect your Bosch alarm system to mobile devices using the MyAlarm iFob app.
  • - The MyAlarm iFob control app provides real-time control and feedback of compatible, IP enabled alarm systems. Users can arm and disarm areas, control outputs and doors, view system troubles and alarm system history if required. All events performed via the app are recorded in the system history log. App users are required to use their normal alarm PIN when using the app and this allows the alarm system to restrict the user to only those areas and doors which they have access to. Multiple sites are supported allowing you can easily interface to your home, your office or your holiday house when required.


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